Still knitting…


Just a quick post to prove I am still alive. I’ve had a busy summer (mainly not knitting!) but now the weathers turned I have had lots of inspiration for new projects, designs and blog posts so expect more from me very soon. Currently lusting over this Rowan design “wilderness” from Pioneer, which I intend to cast on very soon if I can decide which shade of Creative Focus Worsted (if any) to use!

For Baby…


I don’t have a baby and I don’t know anyone who has a baby so I’ve never considered knitting for babies, it does appeal though because everything is smaller therefore cheaper and quicker to make! You can used more luxurious wools without breaking the bank and that ennui you get from repeating fiddly cables or motifs over and over might never kick in.

My boyfriend’s sister is expecting her first child at Christmas and after seeing that their mother had already knocked out an all-in-one suit complete with bear-ear hood I thought I better get cracking! Below I have posted some of my favourite patterns and ideas from the internet…

The pattern above and the one below are by Maria Carlander, click the image for a link to her blog.



These cute little shorties don’t seem to be available from Tomboy Knits any longer, hopefully I can find a similar pattern that I can adapt.


Super-cute hoods / popovers from Purlbee. Perfect for a winter baby – I’d be tempted to add a cable to the Stocking Stitch panel!

a35d39bcdb3ffc23844f23bc8c8026cdCute romper – couldn’t find a pattern though :-(


Tres chic turban for a baby girl, has a matching dress which I don’t think I’d bother making, from Pickles.


This is a sophisticated set by Solenn Couix-Loarer - seems yellows are popular choices for baby clothes – perhaps because they are unisex?


Equally as sophisticated is this sweater by Purlbee. Love the yarn and delicate cables.


Another yellow baby garment found on Erleperle blog, couldn’t seem to find the pattern so if anyone out there has a link please leave a comment…


Again another design without a link, I’m sure I could knock one up easily enough from an existing pattern such as the one below by Maria Carlander.





Mini legwarmers for babies are a novel idea and the colourway / design options are endless.


Cutesy booties from Purlbee!


December booties by Carrie Bostock. Love this pattern, it’s very similar to a vintage pattern I own.


Baby blanket by Purlbee. You could change the colour of the stripes accordingly.


Finally, a more traditional blanket from Garnstudio.

A Life in Colour

This afternoon I cycled up to Bermondsey Street to visit the Fashion and Textile Museum for the first time. First time? Yeah, shameful I know… The FTM has always been on my radar but I’ve never been really that inspired by any of their exhibitions enough to actually get off my arse and go. Anyway, I went because the current exhibition is a retrospective of Kaffe Fassett’s 50 year career in Textile Arts. I have to admit that I have never really a massive fan of Kaffe’s but after visiting the exhibition I have a new found respect for his works – especially his creative use of colour.

I always found his work too busy, a bit OTT… a chintz overload basically but on closer inspection of the various displays, I found that there were loads of pieces featured in the exhibition that I loved individually. Plenty of dream sweaters were on display along one wall of the exhibition and the main part of the room paid homage to Kaffe’s fantastic quilts and knitted blankets.

Maybe I’ve come away a bit brainwashed? It was an intensely rich and colourful experience. My only disappointment was that there didn’t seem to be any of his designs for Missoni on display but then the exhibition tended to focus more on his personal work and design.

If Kaffe’s your thing then I’d recommend that you go as soon as possible and even if he’s not, go but perhaps save it for a gloomy day…

Oh La La

My mother sent me a French knitting dolly in the post and inspired by “Wild Knits”, I have been exploring it’s possibilities. I had always thought of french knitting as something for children but add grown up yarns (silk/alpaca blends, mohair, variegated sock yarns) you can get some strangely luxurious results which can be used as an embellishment to your knitting.

I’d love to use the mohair rope as a trim for matching hat and mittens, you could also sew it onto a sweater to create contrasting shapes and texture (a bit too 80s maybe..?) or experiment with fine wire to create jewellery.

I even found some old wooden sewing spools that I am going to attempt to make into spool knitters with extra pins so I can experiment with different gauges.

We Are Knitters

Just came across We Are Knitters, a Spanish website selling yarns and pattern kits. Whilst I’m not a massive fan of kits as I find choosing the colour and texture of my yarn to be one of the most exciting parts of the knitting process, We Are Knitters do have some nice modern patterns made from chunky 100% Peruvian wool yarns. The kits are are reasonably priced, when you consider that you’re not just getting the yarn but everything else you’ll need to make your garment including the patterns and needles and on top of all that they have made their own instructional videos which teach you all the techniques used in their patterns.

The designs look quite simple and are really contemporary so could be a good gift for converting a friend who doesn’t knit already. I’d love to knit that poncho or one of the loopy waistcoats!

The Vintage Aran Dress

Sirdar, 1967

I have been stock-piling vintage knitting patterns, my battered leather binder is filled to the seams with designs from the 1940s through to the early 90s. In amongst the batwing jumpers and lacy twinsets is a selection of cute cable knitted dress patterns from the 60s and 70s. If I ever accumulate enough wool (thirty-six 50g skeins to be precise) I will knit one and risk looking like the Michelin man!

 This version is a from an issue of Mon Tricot magazine from 1973, I love the relaxed fit and matching socks!
This pattern from Emu is not technically a dress but look at that cabled skirt!

Below I have pasted some images of other Aran dresses I have found on the internet, whis is your favourite?