Oh La La

My mother sent me a French knitting dolly in the post and inspired by “Wild Knits”, I have been exploring it’s possibilities. I had always thought of french knitting as something for children but add grown up yarns (silk/alpaca blends, mohair, variegated sock yarns) you can get some strangely luxurious results which can be used as an embellishment to your knitting.

I’d love to use the mohair rope as a trim for matching hat and mittens, you could also sew it onto a sweater to create contrasting shapes and texture (a bit too 80s maybe..?) or experiment with fine wire to create jewellery.

I even found some old wooden sewing spools that I am going to attempt to make into spool knitters with extra pins so I can experiment with different gauges.

In Stitches

My stitch “vocabulary” needs expanding. I’ve mastered the basics and now I need some fancy stitches. How excited was I to discover “New Stitch a Day” blog then? Very! It’s a great knitting and crochet resource for beginners and pros alike which as you might have guessed, will teach you a new stitch a day. From basic cast ons to creative cables to fancy edgings, they’ve got it all! I’ve posted some of the stitches I’d like to try out below…